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Our Process

Step 1 – Inquiry

After checking out our website or taking a tour of our models, you can connect via e-mail or our online form on our website!

Step 2 – Qualifying Process

Once we know that you are interested, we can begin our qualifying process. This includes a series of questions in regards to your property and what you are looking for from Copp’s Backyard Homes. Once we have gathered this information and reviewed, we can determine what we believe is possible for your lot.

Step 3 – Plotting Deposit

After we have determined your property’s eligibility, we can move onto the next step of processing a $1500 (plus tax) deposit. This deposit will cover the costs of our engineers plotting a Backyard Home on your property.

Step 4 – Selections Meeting & Servicing Site Visit

After deposit is paid, we will schedule to meet at our models to review selections. Afterwards, we will reach out to arrange a site visit with our Plumbing & Electrical Contractors.

Step 5 – Formal Quote

Taking your chosen selections and information from our site visit, we will create a formal quote.

Step 6 –Signing of Documents and Timeline

After reviewing and approving the formal quote, we will meet and sign the official documents and discuss timeline.

Step 7 – Pre-Construction Deposit

At this point our construction team is mobilized, material is ordered and engineering is completed. This deposit will represent a percentage of the overall build cost.

Step 8 – Permits

We would get to work in securing building permits for your Backyard Home

Step 9 – Let’s Build!

Now it is time to start building your Backyard Home! Projects typically take between 90-150 days after a building permit is issued to be completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of foundation do you use?

Copp’s Backyard Homes can be built on 4 different foundation options: Full Basement (unfinished), crawlspace foundation, slab-on-grade foundation or helical piles. Each of these construction methods have different costs and benefits depending on your project.

How do you hook up electricity, water and sanitary? Who takes care of that?

CBYH is responsible for the hydro, water & sanitary hookups for the backyard home from the existing home. Our team will plan and execute how to service the backyard home, taking the stress and complexity out of the project for you. Each project we do is unique and we price each job individually, hookups are not included in our starting price. We recommend our customers to budget $10k – $15k for this. It is important to remember that any additional services such as cable TV or internet are also at the expense of the home owner.

How does the timeline work?

The timeline will vary per project. Projects typically take between 90-150 days after a building permit is issued to be completed. While construction delays can happen, we are committed to providing a quick and easy install process for our customers.

What is the cost of each model?

The following costs are starting prices for our Backyard Homes. These prices do not include the costs of site prep as well as servicing hookups. Please note that Appliances and Furnishings are also not included.

Model 395 – starting price of $140,000
Model 540 – starting price of $170,000
Model 720 – starting price of $200,000
Model 800 – starting price of $220,000

Do you contract everything out from A to Z or is the customer in charge of something?

The building of your Backyard Home is the responsibility of our team of trusted contractors and tradespeople. A service that is not in our scope of work is any “site preparation” work that might need to be done. An example of this would be removal of a shed where the backyard home is being built.

What type of heating and cooling do you install?

Our standard model for heating and cooling is an electric heat pump and baseboard heaters. This is included in the price. Electric heat is eco-friendly, economical to operate, and provides consistent heating of the backyard home without the swings in temperature some gas furnaces experience.

What type of insulation do you use?

Temperatures in Ontario can range from +30 in the summer to -30 in the winter. When designing our Backyard homes we made yearlong comfort a priority. Our models are built to strict Ontario Building Code standards or in some cases above. Typically we use a combination of spray foam, batt insulation & blow-in insulation.

What construction methods do you use?

Our Backyard Homes are built like new build homes, built to Ontario Building Code Standard or Higher. The models are all constructed out of wood. A big part of the construction depends on the access to your backyard. If access is limited or restricted, the home will likely be “stick framed” on site. If we have clearer access then we will use pre-fabricated panel sections that will be assembled on site.

Do you give options of colour for siding and doors? Is customization available?

Yes, while our units are not 100% customizable we have a number of “standard” exterior packages. This includes premium James Hardie siding in different colour schemes. Customization beyond our designer curated colour combinations is available. This option is an upgrade beyond our standard pricing, and is quoted on a per job basis.

What are the flooring options?

We offer a selection of colours in LVP (luxury vinyl plank). LVP is highly durable, water resistant and comfortable underfoot. Like many of our options, upgrades beyond our standard is available.


Why Choose a Copp’s Backyard Home?

Experience, industry experts, and a name Southwestern Ontario has trusted for over 145 years are all reasons you should choose Copp’s Backyard Homes to execute your project. There’s an estimated 3000+ decisions that go into building a home. With Copp’s Backyard Homes, we’re simplifying that process so you can get a beautiful backyard home without the stress of traditional home building.

Does your property qualify for a Backyard Home?

Copp’s Backyard Homes are an enthralling new prospect, and we are thrilled to see and meet you in our showroom! With all of this excitement of course, comes the work one must put in to planning and preparing. There a few things one must consider before moving onto the planning stage, and for Copp’s Backyard homes this starts with are you eligible?

There are a few quick and easy questions we ask every potential customer to pre-qualify them for a Copp’s Backyard Home. Such as, does your current home have more than 5 bedrooms? If so, the City of London By-Law states that you cannot add any more bedrooms to your property.

Do you have sheds, trees or fences in your backyard? These may need to be removed for a number of reasons, including but not limited to, lot coverage ratios, construction access, or servicing hook-ups. Are you willing/able to make these changes, if needed?

Do you have access to a land survey of your property? While not necessary, this can greatly expedite the process for qualifying your property.

Besides these questions, we will ask you some standard questions such as the model you are interested in, your address, size of your lot, square footage of your current home, AMPs of electrical service, will this be a personal or income property, your timeline expectations, and so on.

All building projects come with many rules and regulations, and Copp’s Backyard Homes will be there to answer your questions every step of the way. We hope to see you soon!

Secondary Dwelling

Adding another home to your property can be complicated! There is a lot to think about. Do you have a suitable site? Do you have a design and floorplan? What building materials do I use? Copp’s Buildall is happy to announce that we are expanding our business into a new sector, Copp’s Backyard Homes. Let us bring our 146 years of experience to your own backyard! This is a new and emerging area in London and we are excited to help you every step of the way. When you choose a Copp’s Backyard Home, you’ll receive 1:1 support throughout the home-building process. There’s no need to be an expert in construction, materials or finding the right contractor. CBYH has an experienced team to guide you from start to finish. You can just sit back, relax and watch your new Backyard Home being built right before your eyes.

We know that there are multiple decisions that go into any major project. There is actually about an estimated 3000+ decisions that go into building a home. With Copp’s Backyard Homes, we’re trying to simplify that process so you can get a beautiful backyard home without the stress of traditional home building. When you work with us we will assist you through the major steps, such as design, planning and building.

If you are thinking that this sounds like it’s for you, where do we start? Well first, you need to have a place to build your Backyard Home. Do you own land already? If so, we’ll walk through the information needed to prepare a site and a pricing estimate. You can share your property’s address so that our team can start researching site specific information to ensure the property is viable for one of our Backyard Homes. The next step would be seeing if you have a site survey already available from when you purchased your property. If not, CBYH can help you obtain one, as well as determine what utilities you already have access to, if any. If you site is viable, we move on to the next step, designing your very own Backyard Home! What model are you most interested in? We have a range to choose from. What add-ons are you hoping to incorporate? Our team will walk you through the catalog and ensure you pick out your dream backyard home. Then comes the fun part, building from the ground up! Our Build Team of professional, licensed and insured contractors already know the ins and outs of our models, and are ready to bring your Backyard Home to life with great detail and care using only the finest quality of materials.

There you have it! Your own Backyard Home to enjoy for many years. Whether it is for personal reasons such as a granny suite or a separate space for income reasons, we believe we have found an affordable and viable solution for many people as our city sees rapid change in this area. Copp’s has been a trusted name in London since 1877; it has and will continue to be an honour to help you with all your building needs. We are excited about this new venture for our company and we look forward to helping you build you perfect Backyard Home.

Rental Income

Adding a Copp’s Backyard Home to your property may be an investment you hadn’t thought of. The Ontario governments passing of Bill 23 recognizes the need for increased density among residential properties. The simple fact is that there is not enough housing in Southwestern Ontario and in the current market, rental properties are generating the highest historical prices of rent per square foot, ever! With our tiny home, you are able to create an income generating asset without the risks of purchasing land in a volatile market. This rental model has a number of advantages for first time rental property investors and experienced pro’s alike. Maybe this is an opportunity you should be taking advantage of!

Reclaiming Your Space From Children

As children grow into adulthood, the desire for independence can stall with financial challenges and life transitions. Tiny homes offer a convenient solution, allowing these young adults to create their own routines, have their own privacy and responsibilities all while being close to the support of the parent. The backyard home offers the perfect compromise between independence for the child and peace of mind for the parent. Setting the child up for financial success without sacrificing the homeowner’s lifestyle and the family dynamic.

Aging Parents

The choice to downsize can be a taxing one. The decision to move into a retirement home can be even harder. Copp’s Backyard Homes offers a solution to keep your loved ones close by, but allow them to still keep their independence. We offer accessible features in our homes including single-story floor plans, wide doorways, no-step entrances, grab bars, walk-in showers, adaptive kitchen appliances and much more. Placing a Copp’s Backyard home in close proximity to your residence ensures your peace of mind for their well-being.