Our Process

Step 1 – Inquiry

After checking out our website or taking a tour of our models, you can connect via e-mail or our online form on our website!

Step 2 – Qualifying Process

Once we know that you are interested, we can begin our qualifying process. This includes a series of questions in regards to your property and what you are looking for from Copp’s Backyard Homes. Once we have gathered this information and reviewed, we can determine what we believe is possible for your lot.

Step 3 – Plotting Deposit

After we have determined your property’s eligibility, we can move onto the next step of processing a $1500 (plus tax) deposit. This deposit will cover the costs of our engineers plotting a Backyard Home on your property.

Step 4 – Selections Meeting & Servicing Site Visit

After deposit is paid, we will schedule to meet at our models to review selections. Afterwards, we will reach out to arrange a site visit with our Plumbing & Electrical Contractors.

Step 5 – Formal Quote

Taking your chosen selections and information from our site visit, we will create a formal quote.

Step 6 –Signing of Documents and Timeline

After reviewing and approving the formal quote, we will meet and sign the official documents and discuss timeline.

Step 7 – Pre-Construction Deposit

At this point our construction team is mobilized, material is ordered and engineering is completed. This deposit will represent a percentage of the overall build cost.

Step 8 – Permits

We would get to work in securing building permits for your Backyard Home

Step 9 – Let’s Build!

Now it is time to start building your Backyard Home! Projects typically take between 90-150 days after a building permit is issued to be completed.