Does your property qualify for a Backyard Home?

Copp’s Backyard Homes are an enthralling new prospect, and we are thrilled to see and meet you in our showroom! With all of this excitement of course, comes the work one must put in to planning and preparing. There a few things one must consider before moving onto the planning stage, and for Copp’s Backyard homes this starts with are you eligible?

There are a few quick and easy questions we ask every potential customer to pre-qualify them for a Copp’s Backyard Home. Such as, does your current home have more than 5 bedrooms? If so, the City of London By-Law states that you cannot add any more bedrooms to your property.

Do you have sheds, trees or fences in your backyard? These may need to be removed for a number of reasons, including but not limited to, lot coverage ratios, construction access, or servicing hook-ups. Are you willing/able to make these changes, if needed?

Do you have access to a land survey of your property? While not necessary, this can greatly expedite the process for qualifying your property.

Besides these questions, we will ask you some standard questions such as the model you are interested in, your address, size of your lot, square footage of your current home, AMPs of electrical service, will this be a personal or income property, your timeline expectations, and so on.

All building projects come with many rules and regulations, and Copp’s Backyard Homes will be there to answer your questions every step of the way. We hope to see you soon!